The Empire of Orr (Kingmaker)

The Battle of Green Dales and the Siege of Droskar's Crucible
Humans vs Kobolds

The battle of the Green Dales and the resulting siege of Droskar’s Crucible was the decisive battle of the short 10 day war between the human Empire of Orr and the Great and Glorious Kobold Kingdom of King Merlokrep the Magnificent and the Truescale Clan.

After King Merlokrep cancelled the alliance and peace treaty between the Empire of Orr and the Truescale Kobolds both parties went into war mode. At first the Empire of Orr focused on riding to Olegston to check on the devastation wrought by the Carnival of Tears that had caused so much misery the week before.

After 6 days restoring order and hope at Olegston, the leadership turned their full attention to the Kobolds. During those 6 days patrols had been mounted once per day to try and keep the road between Olgeston and Fort Orr clear, however this wasn’t seen as a sustainable ongoing strategy as the Kobolds had greater numbers, and the patrols required the PCs to travel with them to ensure minimal casualties. This focus of the PC’s meant that both Olegston and Fort Orr were vulnerable to counter attack by the Kobolds, and there were also fears over why the Kobolds cancelled the alliance, which some thought that there was a strong force of Trolls around which may come to the Kobolds aid. Therefore it was determined to raise a large army of 200 fighting men, split into 4 batallions; 1 medium sized batallion of 100 foot based militia, 1 moderate sized company of 75 light horse and an elite guard of 25 heavy horse.

This army met a large army of 200 kobold warriors on the green hills and dales of the Greenbelt south of Olgeston. A running battle ensued as the Orr forces drove back the Kobolds, forcing the Truescale clan into retreat the full rout back to their home at Droskar’s Crucible. The PC’s employed a shock and awe approach by which the full force of their abilities were deployed against the Kobold army. The forces of Orr took moderate casulties, losing 1/4 of their fighting force.

The force marched the next day towards the Kobolds home at Droskar’s Crucible. Once there the forces of Orr found a second large army of 200 Kobold warriors fortified in the temple ruins. The Emipre managed to lure the kobolds into an uphill charge where the Orr forces held the hill tops as a defended position. The first battle of Droskar’s Crucible turned into a day long battle as the fresh Kobolds used their numbers to first push back the battle weary forces of Orr, before the human army dug their heels in turning the battle into a stalemate and a battle of attrition and fatigue. The Kobold army was the first to blink, the general ordering a cautious withdraw back to their fortified position, whilst the forces of Orr took the opportunity to invest the siege of Droskar’s Crucible. During the battle both sides had taken minimal casulaties, with the Empire of Orr now down to 100 soldiers able to take a serious part i further hostilities, whilst they had killed about 50 kobolds.

The next day the PC’s decided that the siege could not be allowed to continue without the top level being taken and held by the Empire of Orr, which would ensure that the Kobolds could be contained with the minimum of forces and risk of loss of more soldiers. The battle of the previous 2 days had shown that a prolonged war would lead to a Kobold victory due to their superior numbers, and the possibility of the more elite Kobold forces entering the fray, or the Kobold’s potential new allies arriving at the siege. Therefore, the that morning the PC’s spell-casters first provided artillery bombardment of the fortified position before the full force of the army assaulted the main entrance. This tactic was an overwhelming success, as the initial volley of fireballs and other offensive spells managed to kill the general in charge of the Kobold army, which lead the Kobolds to easily rout once the forces of Orr charged the fortifications. This rout lead to mass confusion and panic within the Kobold forces, although almost 100 kobolds were able to flee down to the sub-terrain level of their compound.

The Empire of Orr was now victorious and had mostly removed the Kobolds as a fighting force. However their own fighting numbers were now less than 100 soldiers and it was likely that all the forces would be needed to ensure the remaining Kobolds stayed in the lower levels of the compound. The PC’s then decided that they themselves would infiltrate the Kobold city, sneak into the throne room and kill King Melokrep, and the rest of his high command. It was thought that this should remove the threat that was the kobolds completely so they wouldn’t need to leave any forces at the temple at all

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