Kingdom Building: Olegston During Pharast, Gozran & Desnus, 4711


Report fromSerrious
_The first few months of the year since the snows melted and the trade caravans have started up have been chaotic. At the start of winter the village had 450 people, but within the first 10 weeks of the year the immigrants have swelled the population to 2,400 people. The guild have been active in its recruitment, but with such a rush it has been hard to ensure a high success rate; However we have managed to ensure approx 70% of the newcomers have joined the guild, this has ensured that the guild roster has swelled to 1900 names. This increase in population has also meant new houses have been built.

The Olegston Town hall, which was started to be built at the tail end of last year, has been finished and has taken over the old market/trade grounds, which have moved to the south of the hall. Also to the west of the new market grounds a new commercial district has developed with new shops. Also next to that a Herbalist has opened shop, helping to keep the residents healthy. We have ensured that the herbalist is on our payroll, and also worked out a deal where Brokken the hermit is providing some potions for this shop, which of course is transported by our transportation company,

Another lucrative deal has been set up with Corax, who has set up a logging operation near the old thorn river bandit camp. We are bringing his logs from there to Olegston and the sawmill that Corax has now built in the north of the town, between the tannery and the new Granary which has also been built.

Lastly a stables has been setup on the main road into town near Oleg’s New Inn, next to the smithy. We are also working on providing horses through the stables for sale from our stocks.

In other happenings in town, Loy Rezbin has been elected on the council to fill the vacant space left by the tragic death of Nelson last year. Loy is a well educated man, who is very friendly with a boisterous nature. He doesn’t seem that religious, or particularly interested in the religious matters portfolio, but he does seem to have a very civic minded attitude, and has been very active in regards to town planning and design.

The farm near the Oar-post is also back into the year, with enough hands to ensure he and his wife will be able to manage a decent amount of crops and animals. Also word has come back from our Inn at Fort Seinko where things are going good. The village is flourishing thanks to trade along the South Rostland Road. Rumour has come to the Inn of a different set of adventurers who have also started a new kingdom to the south of Restov, near the head waters of the Kiravoy River (which joins the Shrike river at Fort Seinko), on the plains of Dunsward near an outcrop of the mountain range called the Tors of Levenies. Rumour has it that these adventurers are a group of lesser nobles from Restov and southern Brevory who have not been well off of late, with middling fortunes all being lost. It is said that this group had heard of the success of Olegston and wanted to go off and do the same thing, but “do it right”. They also decided to go just south enough to be technically outside of Restov’ and Brevory’s jurisdiction, but close enough that any trouble could be lessened by the proximity to the homeland. It is unknown how much of a threat to our growing state as there is a mountain range between us and them._

Kingdom Building: Olegston During Pharast, Gozran & Desnus, 4711

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