The Battle of the Green Dales

The battle of the Green Dales and the resulting siege of Droskar’s Crucible was the decisive battle of the short 10 day war between the human Empire of Orr and the Great and Glorious Kobold Kingdom of King Merlokrep the Magnificent and the Truescale Clan.

After King Merlokrep cancelled the alliance and peace treaty between the Empire of Orr and the Truescale Kobolds both parties went into war mode. The first 6 days of the war passed with no large battles as the Kobolds ambushed human travelers, and the Empire of Orr focused on other matters resulting from the great tragedy of the Carnival of Tears. These first 6 days the imperial forces would march out once per day in great numbers with the leaders in the van. These daily forays were successful in killing some Kobolds, but were not seen as a successful tactic. However, this tactic was a useful one whilst they returned law and order to Olegston and then raise a large army of 200 soldiers, which were a mix of trained soldiers from the guild, ex-bandits and from Kressen’s Restov guard as well as militia of farmers and common people willing to march off to end the conflict with the Kobolds.

A large army of 200 fighting men was raised to march on t he Kobold’s home of Droskar’s Crucible. This force was split into 4 battalions; 1 medium sized battalion of 100 foot based militia, 1 moderate sized company of 75 light horse and an elite guard of 25 heavy horse, composed of the leadership of the Empire as well as several of the Restov guards elite soldiers. This army met a large army of 200 kobold warriors on the green hills and dales of the Greenbelt south of Olgeston. A running battle ensued as the Orr forces drove back the Kobolds, forcing the Truescale clan into retreat the full rout back to their home at Droskar’s Crucible.

The force marched the next day towards the Kobolds home at Droskar’s Crucible. Once there the forces of Orr found a second large army of 200 Kobold warriors fortified in the temple ruins. This resulted in the First Battle and Siege of Droskar’s Crucible

The Battle of the Green Dales

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